0 - 3 year olds
Language medium: English
Pikler Approach

Learning awakens through emotions.

Iemer Nursery is a bilingual nursery in Lleida whose primary aim is to educate children from 0-3 years of age using total immersion in the English language, thus treating them as potential native speakers of the new language. Children are exposed to the English language as soon as Iemer Nursery opens its doors

We believe that at this young age, school and education should be a learning game, where children learn the language in a natural way through games and daily interaction. Learning is much easier through emotional stimulus and fun.

At Iemer Nursery groups are small to ensure we pay special attention to our children and effect a close relationship between parents, teachers and children.

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First years of life...

It's in this period, and specially the first 3 years of life, when the building blocks of thinking, language, vision, actitude and skills are set.

Multiple cognitive benefits have been found on children that have been exposed to more than one language. They have a wider neuronal activity, a much denser tissue on the areas of the brain related to memory, attention and language than the children that have been exposed to online one language

Children learn a language listening, watching, imitating and practicing. That's why our strategy is energetic and wide-ranging – English is involved in everything we do: what we prepare and develop, what we touch and look at, what we celebrate and listen to. Full English Immersion.


Our services

Cooking and diet

We cook our food daily, following our dietitian advice. We also have special menus for alergic, coeliac... whatever the child needs.


We wash all the school stuff that children use in our premises, sheets, towels, blankets, bibs...

Early opening

We open at 8:00 or earlier for those families that need it and we also extend the exit time if they need so.

School material

School angeda, dressing gown, backpack, winter tracksuit, summer tracksuit, sheets, towels, toothbrushes, reflective vests for outings, pool safety vests, waterproof coatings for when it rains, safety rope,...

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