Each classroom is divided into areas designed for physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each child.


We have two gyms with equipment according to the age of the child.

Music & Dance

Two areas, one with several musical instruments for experimentation and a playful piano and violins in small sizes. The other one with bars and mirrors for dance.


Rest is very important for a child. Everything that surrounds him should help him feel relaxed. The colors, textures and music will be part of this moment.


Bathrooms in classroom areas and patio areas, spacious and well equipped to practice hygiene habits.


Three patio areas, first one with soft walls and floor for free play, a second one with sand and a garden and a third outdoor swimming pool for summer activities.

Swimming Pool

Outdoor swimming pool where we teach our kiddies to swim in the summer!

Dinning room

Two dining rooms, one small and one large, adapted and equipped with traffic lights to control the tone - warns when illuminated is too high, reinforcing good habits.


Separated from the classrooms to avoid smells.