Our project, based on Pikler methodology

The basis of our project is total English Immersion.

It would be a waste not to use the natural abilities of the child to learn during their most vital years, as learning a second language is as easy to him as learning the first one. English is involved in everything we do: what we prepare and develop, what we touch and look at, what we celebrate and listen to.

Our ‘Pikler Approach’ lays emphasis on autonomy and free movement.

The relationship between our teachers and the children is extremely important. The adult does everything ‘with’ the child and does nothing ‘to’ the child. We give children the freedom to observe, try things out and, by constantly investigating, overcome obstacles freely. By this means they are allowed to develop in a natural way, at their own rhythm, without any interference.

It is vital that the child discovers, by himself or herself, the greatest possible number of things. If we help them to complete all their tasks, we remove what is most important for their intellectual and creative development. The child who achieves something by autonomous experimentation gains a knowledge completely different from that of a child who is already offered a solution.

At Iemer Nursery we have the team and the tools to stimulate development in all areas, motor, cognitive, physical and emotional. Our children feel at home because they receive caring attention.

Our attention is directed to each student with the aim of producing a strong, sensitive and healthy child, a skilful communicator and a competent learner. This development is associated mainly with English, Music and Art.

The newborn child...

In the course of his or her motor development, learns not only to turn upside down, turn around, crawl, sit, stand or walk, but also learns to learn.

He or she learns to surrender freely to a task, to become interested in something, to try, to experiment and to overcome difficulties; and begins to know the joy and satisfaction that comes with success - the result of patient and autonomous perseverance.

Some of the activities we do at Iemer Nursery

  • Everything
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Storytelling & Puppets
  • Psycomotricity & Yoga
  • Roleplaying
  • Free play
  • Nature
  • Video